Silence Calls

from by Secondchance



1st Verse:

When you keep hatred inside you heart,
The drugs won't heal all your scars.
The shame of living like this it's just too much,
Your hand begins to tremble as you load the gun.

2nd Verse:

But when you realise it's not your fault,
They have played you for so long.
And then you turn the gun to a face well known.
As the bullets hit the ground the darkness falls.


You can't hide the fire,
I can see in your eyes the violence inside.
At the end there's a hope ‘cause you're not gonna hurt.
As the silence calls.

3rd Verse:

All the voices finally vanish into the light.
They've told you to kill they've told you to lie.
You finally find your meaning it's not too late,
All the apologies and cries were not in vain.

Chorus (x2)


As the silence calls (x2)


from One By One, released July 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Secondchance Italy

We are Secondchance from Italy:

Jacopo Grazioli - Voice
Fabio Spinelli - Guitar
Mauro Luchetti - Guitar
Matteo Tagliabue - Bass
Alessandro Mauri - Drums
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