One By One

by Secondchance

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Finally our first work is out!! You can download it for free or if you want to support us just make a small offer!



released July 7, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Andrea Gargioni @ Blanco Records
Mastered by Samuele Tombacco
Graphics by Rob Marconi @ Dirtdesign Creative Studio

All rights belong to Secondchance.



all rights reserved


Secondchance Italy

We are Secondchance from Italy:

Jacopo Grazioli - Voice
Fabio Spinelli - Guitar
Mauro Luchetti - Guitar
Matteo Tagliabue - Bass
Alessandro Mauri - Drums
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Track Name: The End
1st Verse:

Tell me your name, now I’ll explain
What is my plan.
You cannot hide, you cannot run,
You have to face what you’ve become.
The secrets keep the things unclean
You hide them in your soul.
And you’re the slave and I’m the lord of misery.


The things you keep inside and all your lies
You can’t deny.
And now you’re gonna lose it all,
But only when I’m gone.
2nd Verse:
You used to live taking advantages
Of the helpless.
The only words you knew
Were hate, pain and betrayal.
Now you’re afraid to go and you’re afraid to
Face it when you’re lost.
The faith is calling and the end is coming
With my face.



Your life of abuses, the scars and the bruises
Now belong to past.
Your bridges are burning, the end now is coming,
You have no second chance.

Track Name: Hold On
1st Verse:

The life you're living is so far from the truth,
The time you've spent here is so useless and
The nights you woke up and just screamed in vain
The love you've wasted.


There's nothing here, nothing left to fear,
You see the light now.
There's something wrong when it should be right,
Now it's time to roll the dice.
2nd Verse:
The waves are crashing on the shore,
It's time to let it go and take
The chances lost for so much time.
Hold on, live now don't you care
About the love you've wasted.



Hold on, live now don't you care
About the love you've wasted.


(Hold on) (x3)
Now it's the time to roll the dice. (x2)
Track Name: Home
1st Verse:

You're sun that shines in the dark of my night,
You're the moon that saved my life.
Little wind that blows in my face,
Little thing in my heart.


I was lost and alone,
Insecure and unsure.
You’ve picked me
And took me home.
I was down, I was out
And you said me: “Come out!”
And you took me home.

2nd Verse:

There’s still time to grow old,
There’s no time to let go,
‘Cause without you I feel so cold.
And I’ve tried not to keep you inside,
Every time that I do it I felt so dead.



I know there’s a time to go
And I know there’s a time to show
Something you’ve never showed
You're ready to let go?

Track Name: Nothing But A Lie
1st Verse:

I'm coming back at you again,
To make you know how it's like to be left in the dark.
I wanna let you understand,
The price I've paid for every single day spent with
The demons that had blown my mind
away from me for so long.


I finally see all the things you told me
They were nothing but a lie.
Listen to me now,
I'm gonna shout it loud,
Things will turn from black to white for me.

2nd Verse:

But now it's time for a change
I don't even need you anymore.
During my journey I found the real place
Where I belong. And now it's time for a change
I don't even care about you anymore.
During my journey I found my real home
And you were wrong.
The demons that had blown my mind
away from me for so long.



Now it's your turn to be alone,
You'll pay your lies one by one.

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: Silence Calls
1st Verse:

When you keep hatred inside you heart,
The drugs won't heal all your scars.
The shame of living like this it's just too much,
Your hand begins to tremble as you load the gun.

2nd Verse:

But when you realise it's not your fault,
They have played you for so long.
And then you turn the gun to a face well known.
As the bullets hit the ground the darkness falls.


You can't hide the fire,
I can see in your eyes the violence inside.
At the end there's a hope ‘cause you're not gonna hurt.
As the silence calls.

3rd Verse:

All the voices finally vanish into the light.
They've told you to kill they've told you to lie.
You finally find your meaning it's not too late,
All the apologies and cries were not in vain.

Chorus (x2)


As the silence calls (x2)